Sunday, December 18, 2011

Japanese Language Lesson #1: Konnichiwa

Hi everybody! I'm going to start off my Japanese Language Lesson with a greeting, the obvious best choice to start with: Konnichiwa.

Konnichiwa is the formal greeting in Japan. Its to be said respectfully as "Hello," or "Good Afternoon."

Stay tuned for more Japanese Language Lessons, next lesson is for "Thank You."

Kawaii!! Kawaii!!

My boyfriend and I just moved into an apartment on a 15 month lease. Our plan is to save up during our occupancy at this apartment for a 6 month move to Japan. We'll be renting an apartment or house there, we haven't quite smoothed out the details of where in Japan either, Tokyo or otherwise.

During this 15 month stay we're going to learn Japanese (Rosetta Stone, Baby!) and learn about Japanese culture, and I'll be posting updates and videos and instructional posts to teach you along the way!

I'm fascinated with the Japanese KAWAII, which means "cute" in Japanese... but more than that really, its the quality of cuteness and is a facet in modern Japanese culture.

So stick around and follow me, bookmark me, follow me on twitter and soon facebook! Follow my adventure getting ready to move from Florida to Japan, learning about Japan, then follow my trips through Japan!

Destination: Kawaii

Hi Everybody! Welcome to my website / blog! The intent of this little nook in interwebz is both track my exciting preparations to move to Japan from Florida, USA with my boyfriend, and to inform and instruct my followers on Japanese culture and language. Learn about Japan with me throughout this upcoming year, then follow me on my 6 month adventure in Japan!